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Unelmaloma is a slot machine game with five reels and twenty paylines, where the player aims to get a winning combination of symbols on the payline.

Game process and betting options

The desired number of paylines can be defined with the Paylines button, and the size of the bet can be set with the Line Bet button. Start the game by selecting Spin. The game starts and the symbol reels stop in a few moments. The resulting symbol combination is displayed on the payline. If a winning combination is formed, the winning sum is automatically added to the balance.

The total bet for the round is the line bet multiplied by the number of selected paylines.

When a winning combination is formed on a payline, the winning lines flash on screen. If the player achieves winnings from a number of paylines at once, the winning amount is a total sum of all paylines. The total winning sum for the round is displayed in the field for winnings.

Free games

Unelmaloman vapaapelit

Free games begin when the Airplane symbol appears. The number of free games and the symbols required are presented in the paytable.

In free games, the line bet and selected lines are the same as in the round that yielded the free games. Free games start automatically. Bonus games cannot be initiated during free games.

Bonus game

Unelmaloman bonuspeli

The bonus game begins when the Travel ticket symbol appears in the 1st and 5th reel, respectively (on the furthest right and the furthest left). In the bonus game, the objective is to find two matching travel destinations. There is a different winning sum for each pair. Selections can be made until two  symbols are selected on the table. This is the end of the bonus game, and the winnings gathered so far are added to the player’s balance. The winning sum is automatically added to the winnings of the basic game.

Bonus games cannot be initiated during free games.


Unelmaloman voittotaulu


Unelmaloman voittotaulu

An example of the paytable, when the line bet is EUR 0.50.

The winnings are calculated according to the paytable. The winnings indicated by the paytable change according to the effective bet level. Winnings are only available from the selected paylines. The winning combination must match the payline and appear on consecutive reels. The Airplane symbol does not need to appear on consecutive reels. If the reels do not have a winning combination, the player loses the bet.

Betting limits

The bet can be anything between the minimum bet of EUR 0.01 and the maximum bet of EUR 20. The player can select the suitable betting level from the predefined levels offered.


This game has been incorporated into RAY Jackpot. See further details here.

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